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It's common for stars' hometowns to honor them with plaques and statues, but Harry Styles' hometown has decided to honor him with -- a spa day?

The SpaSeekers spa booking service is now offering a Watermelon Sugar High Spa Day at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch, England, where the singer was born.  Sadly, this doesn't mean that a Harry lookalike will give you a massage, but it's still pretty cool.

For £72 --  just under a hundred bucks U.S. -- you get an "Adore You" 55-minute facial and a 25-minute watermelon, yuzu and pink beet full-body scrub. During the treatment, you'll listen to a curated Harry playlist and the air will be perfumed by the spa's special "Breathe Me In" candle, which allegedly smells like Harry.  That means tobacco, essential oils and spices, honey and vanilla, apparently. 

You'll get to take one of the candles home, too, if you're one of the first 15 people to book.

After the treatment, you get to relax with a watermelon lemonade cooler, and enjoy a picnic basket lunch that doesn't contain any of the foods Harry hates: namely, olives and beetroot.

Of course, Harry hasn't authorized or endorsed this spa day, but since it's just been announced that people in the U.S. can fly're "Golden."

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If anyone can relate to Billie Eilish’s rise to stardom as a young teen, it’s Lorde. The 24-year-old “Solar Power” singer opened up about their similar experiences in an interview with BBC Radio.

“We have sent just a few little messages back in the day when she was very young. She’s so, so sweet,” Lorde says. “There’s only a handful of people who understand what that’s like, to be a teenager and have that level of scrutiny on your body and your brain.”

Lorde adds that the two also have a similar support system, which she feels is key to managing sudden success when you’re that young.

“Obviously she’s pretty close with her family, as am I, which I think is really helpful at that age when your world is changing,” she says. “Yeah, I mean the music is awesome. She’s just doing such a good job.”

Both stars have new music on the way. Billie’s gearing up to release her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, on July 30. Lorde just released her new single, “Solar Power,” with an album to follow later this year.

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The members of OneRepublic are among the contestants on this Sunday night's episode of ABC's Celebrity Family Feud, but you can now watch a preview clip posted on Billboard that features lead singer Ryan Tedder facing off against some intimidating competition.

For some reason, OneRepublic is going up against the cast of the FX drama Mayans M.C., a Sons of Anarchy spinoff about a super-tough motorcycle club.  When Ryan comes to the podium against Mayans M.C. star JD Pardo, Ryan tries to intimidate him by making a throat-cutting gesture. Host Steve Harvey then suggests that the singer knock it off.

"It's a different group over there," Harvey says, referring to the fact that the actors, well, look like the type of people who should be in a motorcycle gang. 

"True, I probably shouldn't have done that. I don't know why I did that. I take it back," agrees Ryan. 

"I got my money on tattoos and braids," Harvey notes, referring to the actors' appearances.

The question Harvey asks Ryan and JD is a fill-in-the-blank one: “The mortician might have a collection of *blanks* he’s taken off people.”

Ryan buzzes in first, and says "Jewelry."  Is that one of the top five answers on the board? Find out Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Atlantic Records

Ed Sheeran's new single "Bad Habits" isn't out officially until June 25, but you can get a preview of it on TikTok right now.

Far from being a typical Ed Sheeran acoustic love song, "Bad Habits" features a four-on-the-floor dance beat, as Ed sings that his bad habits lead to "late nights" and "conversations with a stranger I barely know."

"Bad Habits coming 25th June but I put the sound up on here early, enjoy," Ed captioned the brief snippet, which is accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage of himself and his fellow "Bad Habits" video co-stars showing off their costumes and makeup.

As previously reported, the video, also due out June 25, casts Ed as a pink suit-wearing, spiky-haired vampire who rolls through the city with his vampire pals.

Ed will play "Bad Habits" live for the first time as part of his performance on the TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Show, which will take place on the soccer field in his hometown of Ipswich, England on June 26.


Bad Habits coming 25th June but I put the sound up on here early, enjoy x

♬ Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran


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Demi Lovato is re-examining one of the darkest moments in their life: their near-fatal overdose.  The "Anyone" singer believes running from who they were led to their brush with death in 2018.

"I really believe that when I overdosed in 2018, it was because I was ignoring my truth," the 28-year-old singer tells People. "I went to such great lengths to suppress who I really am to fit this sexy, feminine pop star and actress image that others had assigned for me that I never truly identified with."

Demi continued, "I did it, though, because I thought that's how it was supposed to be."

Now, Demi isn't hiding who they are: They recently came out as pansexual and nonbinary.  They tell the publication they have learned "how important it is to live your truth and not suppress yourself."

"You can only carry on like that for so long before it comes spilling out and manifesting, sometimes negatively, in other ways," the singer expressed. 

The singer hopes that, by sharing their story, they'll inspire other closeted LGBTQ+ youth to accept who they are. 

As previously reported, Demi is reteaming with Propeller to auction off some of their stage clothes to benefit causes like the Human Rights Campaign.

"The Human Rights Campaign's 'Count Me In' movement for trans and non-binary equality asks allies to send a message that you vow to go out of your way to raise awareness and uplift the lives of our trans and non-binary friends and family," Demi explained.

Noting the increase of legislation targeting transgender youth, they added, "This campaign from HRC makes it easy to take action. I hope everyone will participate."

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Britney Spears is taking a moment to answer fans questions, including the one most are dying to know -- Will she ever return to the stage?

The highly anticipated answer came on Thursday when the 39-year-old pop star shared a short Instagram video of herself answering fan questions. 

"OK, so I hear that you guys have been writing in and I'm here to answer all of your questions," Britney said. "The question is, Am I ready to take the stage again? Am I going to take the stage again? Will I ever take the stage again?"

"I have no idea," she said candidly. "I'm having fun right now, I'm in a transition in my life and I'm enjoying myself so, that's it."

Although the answer isn't a yes, it's certainly not a no either. 

Britney also fielded two other fan questions asking her about her shoe size -- a size 7 -- and her favorite business trip, which was a trip to Donatella Versace's Italian villa where she was wined and dined.

"It was really, really fun," she shared. 

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Andy Grammer is a proud girl dad.

The singer is gearing up to spend Father’s Day with his two daughters: four-year-old Louisiana and one-year-old Israel. Andy tells ABC Audio that since becoming a dad, he realized what everyone was saying about parenthood is true.

"You can't know until you're a dad how sweet that is," he says. "You hear people say it and you roll your eyes -- at least I did. You roll your eyes [when people say], 'It's the most important thing in my life.' You go, 'Sure, sure, sure, sure.'"

He continues, "And then you become a dad. You're like, 'Oh no, this is it. This is the main reason for being alive, is to facilitate the growth of these little girls.'"

Andy also has a bonus at-home audience now. He considers Louie and Izzy his test audience when it comes to new music. Louisiana, he says, has already started to show some singing talents of her own.

"She's pretty outgoing and she's got really good pitch. And she sings a lot and dances a lot," he says. "And the little one is just -- she's very aggressive and high-pitched screaming. So we'll see. We'll see what that turns into."

As for his Father’s Day plans this Sunday, Andy says, "I might like to do, like, specific little...daughter dates with them, because getting one on one [time] is really, really sweet."

Andy's new single, "Lease on Life," comes out June 28. He's also partnered up with Quaker Chewy to write a summer camp anthem with the help of fans, to raise money for the American Camp Association.

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In February, Meghan Trainor became a first-time mom when she and her husband, Daryl Sabara, welcomed their son, Riley.  Last month, Meghan celebrated her first Mother's Day, so this weekend, it's Daryl's turn to celebrate his first Father's Day.  Meghan explains that becoming a dad has changed Daryl -- and not just emotionally.

"He's so funny. He thinks that he gained, like, a 'dad bod' during the pregnancy with me," Meghan tells ABC Audio of the Spy Kids actor. "So he was on a mission. As soon as I was able to work out, after the C-section recovery, he's...been my partner in crime. And so, we work out."

She adds, "I'll work out while he watches the baby and then he'll work out and I'll watch the baby. So we've been really teaming up and he, for the first time in his life, he has, like, a six pack!  And he's very healthy and really proud. And we're thriving!"

So what will Meghan be doing on Sunday to reward her hubby for all his hard work?  She's not sure.

"He made my Mother's Day so special. He booked me a massage and rubbed my feet and treated me like a princess!" says Meghan. "So I really gotta do something nice for him!" 

Meghan posted an adorable video on Instagram a few days ago in which baby Riley appeared to say "Daddy" for the first time.

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Earlier this month, Miley Cyrus filmed a concert at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium for her upcoming Peacock streaming special, Stand by You, in honor of Pride MonthNow we've got all the details on the special guests she welcomed and the songs she'll be performing.

In addition to her own hits like "The Climb" and "Party in the U.S.A.," Miley will also cover songs that fit the theme of Pride Month, such as Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors," ABBA's "Dancing Queen," Cher's "Believe," and The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You."  In addition, she'll do a medley of Madonna hits: "Music," "Express Yourself" and "Like a Prayer."

Guests who join Miley for the concert include Maren Morris and country stars Little Big Town, Brothers Osborne and Mickey Guyton, among others.  Of note, TJ Osborne, the lead singer of Brothers Osborne, recently came out, making him the only openly gay country artist signed to a major label.

On Instagram, Miley wrote, "I’ve got a lot of guests. A lot of #Pride. AND A LOT OF WARDROBE CHANGES...We brought ALOT of LOVE into the legendary @theryman - See you there!"

Miley Cyrus Presents Stand by You premieres on Friday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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Demi Lovato is once again teaming up with Propeller to raise money for a good cause by auctioning off their clothing -- as well as a very special experience.

On Propeller, you can bid outright for a number of outfits Demi wore on the Tell Me That You Love Me Tour, with proceeds going to support the Human Rights Campaign's work to ensure that all LGBTQ people are treated equally around the world. 

Alternately, you can enter to win stage-worn items by accruing points, which you do by either donating small amounts to a cause such as The Trevor Project, or taking action, like joining the HRC's Count Me In campaign for trans and non-binary equality.

The grand prize is a trip to a mirrored structure called The Invisible House in Joshua Tree, CA, where Demi stayed while shooting photos for their latest album.  The prize includes flights, accommodations, a gift bag, a photoshoot with a professional photographer, the chance to explore Joshua Tree National Park, and a "sound bath meditation" in a chamber called the Integratron.

"Pride is a time to celebrate, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to secure equal rights for all," Demi writes on Instagram.

Demi has also teamed with Henry Masks to create a four-pack of Pride-themed masks, with 25% of the proceeds going to The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Center for Transyouth Health and Development, which, the company says, helps "young people and their families as they navigate their gender journey."


A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato)

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Avril Lavigne and Black Eyed Peas are among the artists who'll be honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was announced today.

The Canadian singer/songwriter and the chart-topping pop group are two of 38 honorees who make up the Walk's "Class of 2022." The exact day each artist's ceremony will be held will be announced at a later date.

Other honorees in the category of Recording include DJ Khaled, Ashanti, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, funk legend George Clinton, and Motown legend Martha Reeves of Martha & the Vandellas.

Other honorees include Francis Ford Coppola, Macaulay Culkin, Ewan McGregor, Jason Momoa, Tracee Ellis Ross, Norman Reedus, Jean Smart, Ricky Gervais, and the late Carrie Fisher.

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Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez have both been judges on American Idol, but now they seem to have something else in common: They're both Team Bennifer.

Katy posted a photo dump on Instagram of all the fun she and fiance Orlando Bloom are having on vacation in Venice, Italy. But in the series of 10 pictures, number six stood out: It showed Jennifer and Ben Affleck smooching over a meal during a recent trip to Nobu in Los Angeles.

Fans were tickled, with one writing in the comments, "Katy is a BENNIFER fan LOL," and another claiming that fans have been wanting a "JLo/Katy friendship" since they awkwardly ran into each other in the bathroom of the Met Gala in 2019.  Sofia Richie wrote, "6th slide took me out!" with a laughing/crying emoji.

Perhaps Katy just wanted to see if people were paying attention. The rest of the pics showed her posing on a bridge and in a boat with her dog Nugget, as well as images of graffiti, seafood, colorful beads, a glass blower and Orlando lounging in bed in an enormous hotel room.


A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry)

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Billie Eilish is setting the record straight on some misconceptions about her personal life.

In a new cover story with Rolling Stone, the 19-year-old tells the mag that even though she gave a glimpse into her dating life in her documentary The World’s a Little Blurry, the public doesn’t know the full story.

“I’ve been in two [relationships],” she says. “I’ve experienced a lot in what I have done. But I’ve never been in something really real and normal.”

While many assumed her song “Your Power” was about her ex Brandon Adams, who dated Billie when he was in his 20s and she was still a teen, Billie denies the song is about him specifically.

“Everybody needs to shut up,” she says, adding that the documentary, “was a microscopic, tiny, tiny little bit of that relationship. Nobody knows about any of that, at all. I just wish people could just stop and see things and not have to say things all the time.”

Billie, who broke up with Adams in 2019, says she’s spent the past two years learning to be alone with herself.

“I didn’t know how before,” she says, “which is ironic because I had never been in a relationship that allowed me to really exist with that person anyway. My emotion always is because of somebody else’s, and that had been such a big pain in the a**.”

As for what she hopes people will take away from her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever, she says, “I hope people break up with their boyfriends because of it. And I hope they don’t get taken advantage of.”

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RCA Records

Fresh off her collaborations with Regard and Troye Sivan on the hit dance track "You" and blackbear on the single "u love u," Tate has teamed up with Khalid for a brand-new song called "Working."

“I am so stoked for this song I did with Khalid,” Tate says in a statement. "I usually release a lot of songs that are pretty emotional but this one is just a straight summer bop. We had such a fun time creating this song -- I seriously can’t wait for everyone to hear it."

On Twitter, Tate restated that point, writing, "This new song is a summer boppity. Like, who am i singing a somewhat happy song?...i been writing some tear jerkers lately so this is new for me."

The video is coming "very soon," according to a post on Tate's Instagram.

Tate's got a bunch of festival dates lined up for the summer and fall, including appearances at Wonderstruck Music Festival, Lollapolooza, Leeds Festival, Reading Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Music Midtown, Firefly, Governor’s Ball, Austin City Limits and more.

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are giving us a glimpse of a dystopian future.

In a new short film called Transmissions from the Future, in support of the For the People Act, the two play older versions of themselves and send a message from the year 2055.

They tell citizens of 2021 that the America they know no longer exists in the future -- democracy is dead.

"It started when voter suppression ran wild all over America," Katy says. "The voting rights bills died in the Senate, polling places closed. We lost our right to vote."

"This future doesn't have to be," Orlando adds. "You have the power to change it. Save democracy while you can."

As authorities try to break down the door to arrest them, the two end their transmission with a message to their nine-month-old daughter: "Tell Daisy we love her,” Orlando says.

The For the People Act asserts to expand voting rights and reduce money’s influence in politics. The Transmissions from the Future film, directed by Jake Kasdan, was made for the non-partisan pro-democracy organization RepresentUs

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